All the Apps you need to know about at the 2015 MTN App challenge

MTN App challenge Participants
MTN App challenge 2015 Participants

The 2015  MTN App Challenge commenced on Friday evening at the Mtn Towers on Plot 22 Hannington Road with 100 contenders (developers, designers, marketers and project managers) whom were shortlisted from the over 500 potential applicants.

In a record 48 hours over 17 prototypes have been pitched and built in the categories of M-Entertainment, M-Business, M-Finance and M-Health, all this “geekiling” has been made possible courtesy of MTN’s generosity at offering the SMS API, USSD API and Mobile money API’s that enabled the developers to tinker their innovations on live servers in a commercial environment.

Hefty prizes of over $13,500 are to be awarded in the 4 categorizations with each category winner taking home $2,500 and another $2,500 if a team turns out to be the overall winner for the challenge on top of another $1,000 for the audience’s favorite.

MTN App challenge CMO
MTN CMO speaking at event
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[signoff icon=”mobile”]Applications under M-Finance extend a type of financial service to low income segment via the phone.[/signoff]


Mambo Money

It’s a cashless payment options platform for selling digital coupons that are redeemable at registered merchant partners.

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Money tree

Well Moneytree is not a tree full of money but an android app that enables micro investment through consolidating small amounts of money from your social buddies as seed capital by leveraging mobile money payments.

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It’s a platform that’s meant to kick out shrewd money lenders out of business through allowing everyone with a registered Sim card to lend to another person starting at only one dollar but the money is payable back with interest.

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 Mobile Money Dashboard

It’s a new innovation meant to compliment the current mobile money system for enterprise power users to enable them do bulky transactions in one go and fully integrate with a timely reporting system.

[signoff icon=”mobile”]Applications under M-Entertainment enable entertainment on the phone.[/signoff]



It’s an android application that connects artists to their loyal fans and also a platform for cheaply buying local music at knock out prices.

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It’s an android mobile app that makes the good-old newspaper interactive by adding pomp and multimedia features like embedded buttons to read-out loud the article on top of playing video in the articles.

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Ma Radio

Maradio is a mobile music sharing application that allows users to automatically share their music libraries/collections with family, friends and “frenemies”.

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By time of updating this article (5:00am) we had not been in touch with the commonsense app but from our little background check we were notified they are working on some innovation in the space of a mobile gaming.(Excuse our void of commonsense at this point).

[signoff icon=”mobile”]Applications that enable everyday SME activities to be performed on the phone, M-Finance [/signoff]


Marathon manager

It’s an android app that enables companies that organize marathon events manage registration of potential participants, handle delivery and distribution of kits and logistics as well displaying marathon results.

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It’s an android mobile based classifieds app that enables small and medium enterprises create business profiles, transact and engage in active auctioning of used products.

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It’s an android mobile app that curates job openings from recruiters while matching the openings with potentials candidates by the way the project manager for 4Lio has been unemployed for the last 4 months.

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It’s an android mobile app and website that provides listings of service providers through crowd sourcing experiences from the community through recommendations from friends and reviews by the community.

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Mobile Shopper

It’s a point of sale android mobile application that captures daily transactions, issues digital receipts while integrating payments using MTN mobile money.

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It’s a location aware android mobile application that helps you locate the most affordable laundry services in your area by the way the team lead for the Yoza App says his clothes have not been washed since March 2015.

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[signoff icon=”mobile”] The following are the apps under M-Health, applications that ease access of health services on the Phone.[/signoff]



My health enables ease of access to healthcare service providers by making sure that u can access health professionals and also be availed healthcare services at your fingertips.

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It’s an app that provides access to patient’s medical information on the go while allowing a patient to dial a health professional at any time and from anywhere.

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It’s a location aware mobile game and web app that creates awareness on reproductive health and other taboo sexuality issues that are not easily discussable in a typical African setting.

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Run for Life

It’s an android mobile game with a gamified experience that seeks to create awareness on reproductive health issues.

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