All Luganda NTV to reportedly go on Air next month

Faridah NTV Uganda

The pressure to match up with the demand for local content has forced Nation Media’s NTV Uganda to launch an all Luganda NTV Television channel to add onto its already existing NTV channel. The all Luganda television channel will start testing its signal at end of next month, as they finalize on the construction of the ultra modern studios also based at the NTV Uganda Head quarters at the Serena Conference center.

From a business angle, the station seeks to tap into the local advertisers and also accommodate the clutter of local programming eating up into the predominantly English programmes. This will mean that the new channel will focus on purely local content and also boost the local talent in the region.

Others will argue that, the rivalry between the Nation media and Vision group, could have propelled NTV to venture into the local turf. Vision group is already yielding enormous returns from the all Luganda station, Bukedde TV one and two, with the former peaking as favorite in the suburbs of different towns.

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NTV already ventured into the new media world by introducing NTV Mobi, an app that enables one to watch the channel on their mobile phone, so as not to miss their favourite program, and watch from their convenience. We expect the new channel to be launched from the same app , where one will just have to choose either NTV one or NTV two to keep up with their entertainment. Alternatively it could be a different app all together.

Former head of KFM, Nation media’s radio unit in Uganda and Nation Media Consultant, Peter Kabba; is the man who has been at helm of the design of the station, assisted by NTV deputy News Manager Williams Kato, who is actually tipped to head the station. Programmes such as NTV Akuwungezi, Koona, deception among others will be shifted to the new baby, so as to accommodate for more foreign programming on NTV one.


Image Credit: Daily Monitor