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  • Behind the scenes and Highlights from Techjaja Geek Week 2015

    Geek week 2015 highlights
    It seems like just yesterday this amazing week began. Now we waving goodbye to Techjaja Geek Week 2015 , our now-annual tradition where we go haywire and pump up the site and turn the ashes into a playground for the staff. Coincidentally our Geek Week happened to be in the same week as UgBlogWeek and this made it more fun and easier.
  • You don’t have to wear glasses to be a nerdy geek!

    geek glasses
    A wise man once said, “If you cannot beat them, join them” This is what the jajas at Techjaja have been racking their brains about the past couple of months. Do you really have to wear spects to be a geek? Is it a fancy fading fashion fad? Is it a secular systemic stylistic selection? Or is it a dependable defect-deterring demographic? Let’s take a look at the varying opinions
  • How Rotary Uganda has changed the lives of people

    Rotary Uganda
    A little is known about this Organization especially among people and to those who have heard about it have this perception that it’s for the rich and well off as one of my colleague noted “Ebyo byabagaga” meaning that’s for the rich. Rotary Uganda welcomes everyone no matter which cast, tribe, cultural background you come from but however it has been divided into categories like;
  • When you cross your geek lover

    Geek lover
    2Face Idibia once, innocently, sung that ‘If love is a crime i’m willing to be hunted’. And, we were all stirred by this positive paradox and wanted to be ‘victims’. Little did we know that wishes do get granted and we didn’t specify how we wanted them granted? Often times we get carried away by situations until reality slaps us hard in the face. Take a look at ‘revenge porn’ which was ushered on the Ugandan social scene by the shocking Luzinda sextape that left many people captivated.
  • Love at odds with technology. It’s either me or your gadgets!

    Love at odds with technology
    [blockquote right=”pull-left”] [/blockquote]Such a subtle statement to make! Such a hard one to contain! It can as well shutter the last drop of hope left to oneself when to comes to relationships. Whereas most of the love expressed on this blog is all about tech, today we switched lanes to real-life relationships. Fast forward to […]
  • Future Connectivity: Who will launch the first 5G network in Uganda?

    5G in Uganda
    This is like living in the wireless future of insane fast internet speeds. Imagine getting to download a 4k movie within a blink of an eye. We already have some telecoms offering high-speed 4G-LTE networks, with the brisk innovation of technology, brace yourself for 5G. We don’t expect to have the first 5G network in Uganda until after 2025 but there is no harm to think ahead, so before I get ahead of myself let me first start with explaining what 5G networks are.
  • Ugandans; Why complain about the “bad” morals in series and movies? It’s solemnly your fault!

    emprire 2
    You will immerse yourself in wonder and amazement at the tremendous rate at which Ugandans are getting updated info on whatever the cinema world has got to offer. Getting the latest movies and episodes to the much anticipated series making rounds across the globe is something that is as easy as preparing an omelet. Should that be alarming or should it be a point of jubilation that we are growing with the other states at large or we are simply in an illusion state?
  • Jajatoons Geek Week Edition: Telecom Price Wars

    Telecom price wars _geekweek edition
    From Airtel Zone to MTN Zone, customers are still confused on figuring our which is cheaper as the ads from each telecom says otherwise. The recent telecom price wars have seen call rates drop down to With UGX 3 per second being the maximum you can spend customers are now being spoilt for choice. As the elephants fight we shall as usual watch on and enjoy the show, let the best man win. Anyway its all part of jajatoons geek week edition this week, as usual lets get this started. Caption away in our comment section below or on twitter with the hash tag #jajatoons or TJGeekWeek.
  • Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Plus Review: Living larger on the Edge

    s6 Edge plus_edge Hero
    You know before I even considered to get this phone as my daily driver, I instantly wrote it off as being a gimmick device without justification. In my period of using the s6 Edge Plus, I’ve learnt that utility isn’t always defined by an abundance of features. So, is the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Plus worth the hype? Let check it out in this review.
  • How well do you know Anne Kansiime?

    Kansiime Anne act
    Anne Kansiime is a Ugandan icon. Whether it’s reinventing the wave of comedy in Uganda or being the first female Ugandan comedian to go international on top of the several accolades she has bagged for herself. The Ugandan YouTube icon has definitely struggled to reach this far. We here at Techjaja (read: me and maybe a handful of my colleagues) are big fans of Anne’ and appreciate her work. But how much do you, dear