Alcatel OneTouch shows off their first Windows 10 prototype

Its too early to see any Microsoft smartphone device running Windows 10, but today at Mobile World Congress it seems there is a none Lumia Windows Phone running the Windows 10 Technical Preview from Alcatel OneTouch. The phone is called the Pixi 3, and its a low end smartphone.

According to Windows Central, it looks like this Pixi 3 is actually running an older build of the Technical Preview than the one Microsoft pushed out recently. It’s 100% a development prototype, too, as it’s filled with custom apps for interacting with different parts of the internal hardware.

The Pixi 3 is Alcatel Touch’s platform device that has a variety of screen sizes and running either Android, Firefox OS or Windows Phone. Which means it will come in identical hardware regardless of the platform. This is the forst time we see Alcatel experimenting with Windows 10 already, which is something positive for the Windows platform.

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Source: Windows Central