These are the Airtel Uganda voice bundles

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Voice is not yet dead, as many Ugandans use it as a primary form of communication with their mobile phones. The advent of Voice over the internet apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc, have in the past threatened the existence of legacy voice calls as many of the millennials been seen to shift to using such apps due to the then expensive voice charges. With time, most of the telecoms in Uganda has revised their voice rates and so did Airtel in the recent times.

Below is a list of the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Airtel Uganda voice bundles. The daily bundle consists of the; Power Tooti, Kawa, Pakalast, New Pakalast and New Kawa which cost between UGX 800 to UGX 1,200. There are also daily Kyabise combo bundles that cost UGX 750 to  UGX 2,500. Some of these combo bundles comes with free WTF (WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook). Weekly bundles and combos include weekly Kawa, weekly Pakalast and weekly Kyabise and these come with 42, 150 and 300 minutes respectively.

For the Monthly spenders, Airtel has crafted some packages for you too, from basic voice only monthly bundles to combo monthly bundles. The cheapest monthly voice bundle costs UGX 20,000 and it comes with 500 minutes, 500 SMS and 500 MB. For UGX 100,000,  you can get a bundle with over 70 hours of talk time.

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