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Airtel Uganda has pulled the plug on all Blackberry subscriptions. The company will terminate support for all Blackberry services and has advised all Blackberry smartphone owners to Opt for other modern mobile Operating systems like iOS and Android. In addition, the company will with immediate effect stop selling Blackberry phones in their shops and will give 1 GB free to customers who switch to other smartphones.

In a statement on their website Airtel said:

We are truly grateful for the continued support and patronage that you have shown Airtel Uganda over the years. It is our sincere hope that as we strive to provide improved network quality and services, your business will continue to prosper.

After careful consideration of the changing trends and increased costs in the telecom industry, Airtel will no longer offer support towards Blackberry services. While this mobile device has been an important part of our story at airtel, the support costs are high. This was a tough decision for us to make.

We kindly request you to purchase any other Smartphone of your choice from our outlets so as to continue enjoying Airtel products and services.

In addition you will receive FREE 1GB per month for 2 months

Termination of black berry services will be effective 1st November 2016.

We once again thank you for continued support and we look forward to building this relationship to a greater horizon.

The Blackberry operating system has seen a huge drop in support from various platforms over the past years. Recently, WhatsApp and Facebook dropped support for the fast fading Canadian OEM.

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This has forced several BlackBerry smartphone owners to adopt other operating systems, since Blackberry it’s self is now leaning towards the Android Eco-system. The company now has support for Blackberry services on Android, and has decided to outsource its phone making business to a 3rd party.