Airtel Uganda Reportedly Planning to shift Network Operations Department to India

Airtel dancing to happy

Airtel dancing to happy

Last week, we reported news of how MTN Uganda is planning, to outsource its technical department. This time round the second biggest mobile Network operator in Uganda may do something similar but with catastrophic implications to the local engineers on board. According to a circulating email among the Airtel Staff and social media, Airtel Uganda is reportedly planning to close the Network Operations department in Uganda (now managed by Nokia Networks on behalf of Airtel). The company plans to transfer all the Operations work to be done remotely from India. The team in India will be connecting to the Uganda system using internet then fixed problems from India.


In the email that we received here at techjaja, the author of the 411, a one Ronnie Kamoga  goes on to lament on this very
disturbing turn of events that will cause job loss of over 100 engineers. He goes on to say,

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[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-email”]”We should stand firm as Ugandans and resist such a move since us Ugandans who buy the Airtel airtime are loosing jobs to the so-called ‘quak’ investors. Do forward this post to as many Ugandans as possible and call for a massive rejection of Airtel products if they don’t drop this move. We all know our government can’t help us in such situations”.[/signoff]

We are in touch with our contacts at Airtel to throw more light on this matter.

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