Airtel Uganda reduces prices of its mifis and routers. Checkout the new pricing and more

Forest mall shop Airtel

Airtel Uganda has has pulled a bombshell and reduced prices on its routers and mifis. Also, buyers of these routers will benefit from an additional 1GB slid in by Airtel that you walk home with data to test out their service.

For those of you asking the difference between the Mifi and the router, actually they’re both routers except that the mifi is a portable version of the router, and in most cases is limited to only receiving and distributing wireless internet to a limited number of devices while a fully fledged router often comes with an ethernet port (s) besides its wireless capabilities and can allow multiple users to connect to it.

Anyways back to the Airtel offer, below are the routers that have seen a reduction in their prices. Please note that the offer is for a limited period of time so the earlier the better to take advantage of it.

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