Airtel Uganda fires over 67 employees in massive restructuring process

Airtel tower

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[/blockquote]The telecom industry in Uganda is getting more harsh and competitive day-by-day, sad news coming from Airtel Uganda indicates that the company has this week laid off over 67 employees in a massive restructuring process. This comes shortly after the a letter was sent to UCC that revealed the state and predicted massive job loss in the telecom sector in the near future, and it seems the future is now. This company restructure has mainly affected the sales and distribution department.

Sources have told this blog that yesterday the company went on to terminate permanent employee’s contracts and replaced them with 2 year fixed contracts. The remuneration was revised down as per the new contract offered. In some cases a manager’s salary was dropped from UGX 2.5 million gross to a basic of UGX 1 million.This includes employees who have worked for over 5 yrs with Airtel Uganda. The termination letter whose copy this blog received (see below) shows that all existing permanent contracts were to be terminated with effect from 31st October.


Airtel Uganda fires 67 employees
The Termination Letter

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Below is a copy of the replacement temporary two year contract




Airtel responds to Massive lay-offs