Airtel Uganda finally launches 4G-LTE network

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Do you remember our top five things that we hoped Airtel would put on their priority list in 2016? Well, the company has today knocked off number one on our dream list, today Airtel Uganda has unveiled their 4G-LTE network. The network that supports the much popular 2600 MHz band which means it will work on most 4G LTE devices. Carriers like Vodafone launched with 4G-LTE networks, and Airtel still remained one of the last biggest players in the telecom sector yet to launch one. This has surely changed with effect from today.

In 2016 we’d hoped to see Airtel Uganda roll-out and launch a 4G LTE network and today the company joins the likes of Africell, Tangerine, MTN and Vodafone in these ranks. The big red network has deployed over 170 LTE sites in Kampala and surrounding areas including major towns using two Chinese equipment vendors Huawei in town and ZTE up country. The luanches will be in Lira, Masindi, Mbarara, and by the end of this month all the major towns and lastly the main launch in Kampala.

With a shiny faster brand new network, Airtel customers with 4G compatible phones, routers, modems and tablets will be able to enjoy the company’s new broadband mobile network. 4G- LTE network promise theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and we are yet to see how Airtel’s network performs in relation to the competition.

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