Airtel Uganda confirms massive internal restructure : “We want to remain competitive”

Tom Gutjahr the Airtel Uganda

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[/blockquote]Following the massive firing and re-hiring of over 67 employees, Airtel Uganda has today confirmed that indeed a restructuring process occurred this week and it aims to see the business streamline its operations in Sales & Distribution. In an email sent to techjaja today, the telecom said;

“We are implementing a revised strategic plan to better align the sales and distribution team to the business priorities, The Airtel brand in Uganda continues to grow, the restructuring is needed to ensure that our go to market model is appropriate for business conditions and that our operations remain competitive,”

The new way of working is an opportunity for Airtel to get even closer to our customer, and with it, we shall be sourcing for more talent to join the existing Airtel Sales and Distribution team.

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Yesterday, the company went on to terminate permanent employee’s contracts and replaced them with 2 year fixed contracts. Their salaries were also revised down as per the new contract offered. The restructure saw managerial position’s salaries dropped from UGX 2.5 million gross to a basic of UGX 1 million. This includes employees who have worked for over 5 yrs with Airtel Uganda.