Africell on Twitter

In a recent twitter storm between the two telecom giants Airtel Uganda and Africell Uganda, saw the former block the latter from accessing their twitter account, which caused a huge hullabaloo on social media. This was noticed by Africell’s Mohammed Yahfoufi who interpreted it as a weakness on Airtel’s side. This came at a time when Africell was  preparing to launch their latest PakaBoom voice bundle and also expanding their 4G coverage in Mbale town.

A recent SIM card registration exercise revealed that Airtel Uganda holds second position behind MTN with over 10.7 million subscribers compared to Africell’s 3.5 million subscribers in third position. So naturally, Africell wants a chuck of Airtel’s market share in order to get to second position thus the ‘beef’ between these two companies would come as no surprise. In a mature market like the telecoms sector in Uganda, carriers are finding all ways to survive and moves like this on social media will not be alarming.

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Some twitter users called this freedom of expression saying “it doesn’t hurt a fly”. What exactly sparked off the twitter feud is apparently unclear but Airtel’s digital media agency promised to look in to it in response to Africell’s tweet.

At the end of the day, this is the usual corporate rivalry and it will come to pass. Check out more Tweets below on this .