Airtel to carry the iPhone 6

Image Credit: Airtel Uganda G+ page

In recent times, the red telecom has been on an expansion drive opening up premium shops along the way so as to attract the growing middle class that usually demand classy services. These Airtel shops accommodate not only airtime and mobile services, they also carry several devices ranging from flagships to ordinary feature handsets and repair services for the said devices but now it has reached our desks that Airtel to carry the iPhone 6 .

The last time this carrier carried the iPhone was the iPhone 4S which is priced at a premium retailing for UGX 2,000,000 ($800) and now it’s set to launch the most iconic phone so far this year, Apples iPhone 6. All this came from a teaser the telco posted on Google+ claiming that the handset is set to launch soon. Previously Orange Uganda has been the only carrier offering Apples flagship devices but it recently wound up its operations after being acquired by Lebanese Africell holdings. The other authorized Apple reseller being Elite Digital.

So this left a gap for Apple enthusiasts who seek to get first class services for their Apple handsets but they won’t cry for so long since Airtel Uganda is set to carry the iPhone 6. This will save many people a lot of hustle getting their hands on the said device as they had to go through a lot to get device within borders of this land locked country.

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It was either ordering it online, shipping it to Uganda or send for it through traveling relatives and friends that always grace the skies. Airtel has done a great job filling this gap left behind by Orange but unfortunately Airtel does not support 4G LTE which the later supported and the iPhone 6 almost supports most LTE bands.

But I bet that won’t deter Apple diehards from getting their hands on the device since they can do well with 3G+ ( I hope so) since I am an LTE advocate having tested the blistering speeds of LTE for close to a year.