Airtel Mobile TV Android App: A gateway to mobile TV streaming in Uganda

Airtel Mobile TV Android App

Airtel Uganda has unleashed a new Android entertainment app dedicated to streaming video content called the Airtel Mobile TV. Even if the app has been launched exclusively for Airtel Uganda subscribers, any one with a WiFi connection can access it. The app is meant to turn your smart phone into an amazing source of entertainment on-the-go Stream live TV from selected sources.

The service has several videos on demand that include lots of Ugandan and international music from your an assortment of artists, movies right from the pearl of Africa, regular sports updates and the list goes on. The smartphone network promises to update the content in both the free access bouquet and the subscription based bouquet. Airtel subscribers may be able to access the service without spending a dime on their data bundles and you can subscribe for more than one bouquet.

I have experienced some app crashes but I guess they will fix this with upcoming updates. To access Airtel Mobile TV, you must at least be within a 3G/2G data network area. You can download for free in the source link below.