Airtel introduces new data bundles and new changes to old ones.

Tower Airtel

A while ago we reported about Airtel scrapping off some of its data bundles of 350MB, 750 MB, 1.5 GB and 17 GB volumes but now, in order to optimize their network resources, today the carrier has revised its data offering and made some changes. The 10GB and 25GB bundles will be replaced with new ones data bundles of 7 GB and 15 GB respectively.

The changes in volume has also been reflected in pricing where these new data bundles of  7GB and 15GB will now retail for  UGX 105,000  and UGX 225,000 in that order. The previous bundles of 10 GB  and 25 GB went for UGX 125,000  and UGX  240,000 respectively.

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New changes have also affected other data bundles with most of them seeing a reduction in the volume offered though pricing remains the same.