Airtel and MTN Uganda: Who has a better Galaxy s6 deal?

Galaxy s6 MTN Vs Airtel

The big two telecos in Uganda have this week unleashed their Android powered Samsung Galaxy s6 deals. We have a detailed review of both the Galaxy s6 and Galaxy s6 Edge that can refresh your mind what this Samsung flagship phone is all about. Airtel and MTN Uganda have packaged their offers and as you can see in the comparison sheet below, while Airtel will price the s6 at UGX 2m with 4.5GB data valid for 3 months, MTN has added an extra UGX 250, 000 for 3GB data.

The big red network will have support for both the regular and the curvacious Galaxy s6 Edge. So for those looking to distinguish themselves from the crowd and turn heads will have to opt for the Edge version, although it will have to cost you more (Price not yet defined). MTN Uganda’s Galaxy s6 users will enjoy the carrier’s fast and speedy 4G-LTE network unlike the the Airtel customers. You can check out other differences in the table below. So between Airtel and MTN Uganda: Who has a better Galaxy s6 deal?

(Mobile users can use landscape mode to view full table)

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  • James Paraa

    You do not mention the storage space which is another price determinant. E.G 32/64/128 GB.

    • Roger Bambino

      All versions being sold are 32GB versions. Thanks for bringing this out,

      • Ellz

        S6 Edge for Airtel will come with LTE but the network won’t support it. is that what you meant in the comparison?

        • Roger Bambino

          We all know Airtel has no 4G -LTE so even if the device supports it, it wd be useless for Airtel customers who want 4G