AIG officially re-brands to Jumia

AIG rebrands to Jumia

Africa Internet Group (AIG), the holding company of Jumia, Kaymu, HelloFood, Jovago,Lamudi, EverJobs among other Western e-commerce replicas is rebranding and consolidating all its operations to Jumia. Hellofood is set to become Jumia Food, Jovago Jumia Travel, Lamudi Jumia House, Everjobs Jumia Jobs while others will follow suit and carry Jumia branding with them. Each will retain its management structure and respective web portals but will see their names change to Jumia something. This move consolidates all Africa Internet Group operations into one brand thus making it the biggest marketplace to grace the continent.

It should be noted that Africa internet group is a subsidiary of Rocket Internet. The latter has seen its stock plunge by 25% in the last six months over its failure to convince investors that it can turn its long portfolio list profitable.Some of them have scaled back their operations while others have folded.

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