Aga Khan
Image Credit: Alim's Life

The Aga Khan schools warn parents against the impending threat of the “Blue Whale Game” on social media and a teen series on “Netflix called 13 reasons why”. The Blue Whale Game is a social media suicide challenge believed to have origins from Russia and now spreading across the world.

The game, normally fronted on social media sees a master issue sinister instructions to a follower for 50 days some of which including watching horror movies all day, waking up in the wee hours of the night and scratching images of the whale on certain parts of their body and the horrific one of all is committing suicide at the end of the 50 day period. So far, over 130 teen deaths have been reported in the different countries across the world.

The Aga Khan education services has now come out to warn Ugandan parents about this impending threat in order to protect their children. Amongst the different names given to the game are; Blue Whale Game, A silent House, A sea of Whale, Wake Me up at 2:40AM among others.

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Besides social media, parents have also been tasked to be on the lookout for movies these youngsters watch on Netflix citing a popular Netflix original series called “13 reasons Why” whose synopsis rotates about a similar subject of a young teenage girl taking her life and leaving behind 13 reasons as to why she committed suicide.

The mastermind of the game called Philipp Budeikin has since been apprehended by Russian authorities  and charged for inciting 16 teen suicides in November.The Blue Whale game is said to be active among groups on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.