Afrimax Uganda to Reportedly Launch 4G LTE Network Next Month

afrimax logo

afrimax logoWith three mobile operators in Uganda offering 4G LTE broadband services viz, MTN Uganda, Orange Uganda and Smile Uganda, there is a new kid coming on the block soon and his name is Afrimax Uganda. (Not to be confused with Africell). The new telecom player is expected to usher in a top of the range high-speed fixed wireless 4G-LTE broadband internet technology and will reportedly launch early October. In Uganda they will operate as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) specializing in data and not voice.

Who is Afrimax?

According to their website, the Afrimax Group is a leading telecommunication operator in sub-Saharan Africa and just like any other telecom operator, it targets to become the number 1 broadband Internet service provider in the region over the coming 5 years.

Specializing in 4G (fourth generation) wireless networks, Afrimax and will be offering Internet access and relevant value added services for both business and residential customers across their target markets, making doing business, communicating with friends and family or just finding information or entertainment much easier.

Mode of LTE

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With strong rumors of this telecom having ties with Vodacom, Afrimax insists it’s a privately held Group with its corporate head office in The Netherlands. It is a member of the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), working with many of the world’s leading operator groups to build the TD-LTE ecosystem globally.

Currently Orange Uganda and Smile Uganda Operate LTE in FDD Mode and Afrimax will join MTN to operate LTE in TD mode. Using the latest TD-4G LTE wireless technologies Afrimax aims to bring true broadband connectivity to customers across Africa, whether at work, at home or at play. Just like most starting networks in Uganda, Afrimax is expected to launch it’s services in Kampala before spreading out to other parts of the country.


  • Ellz

    welcome, welcome. my wish list is more flexibility in getting static IPs and some revolutionary affordable capped unlimited plans for heavy users. Smile only gives you a static IP if you buy 120gb upfront over 6 months – that’s roughly 1.6m 🙁 🙁

  • Ronald Kasagga

    UG is getting awesome

    • roger bambino