Africell Uganda juices up its social media bundle with SnapChat and Instagram.

Africell Uganda king of the bundles tour

The social media bundle craze runs across all major telecoms in Uganda commonly termed as WTF, standing for Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter since the 3 are the most used social networks in Uganda. Last month, Africell introduced SnapChat & Instagram to its bundle, the two social media platforms that have seen a steady rise in recent times with many people sharing photos & joining ephemeral messaging craze.

What most telecoms have opted to do is to offer social centric bundles to their customers to keep them using their networks. Africell now joins Vodafone in offering the SWIFT bundle that packages all the major social networks together with the exception of YouTube and we must add at a slightly lower price than its Red foe.

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Africell will give you SnapChat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at UgShs 200 for 50MB, UgShs 500 for 200MB and finally UgShs 2,000 for 600MB valid for one week. Users will have to dial *133# to activate any of the bundles above.

The addition of SnapChat & Instagram is not surprising given the two have been on steroids recently prompting Instagram to borrow from SnapChat’s playbook especially with their stories feature. Here videos and photos posted disappear after 24 hours and it has since proved popular amongst users. The feature has since found its way in Facebook’s app portfolio that now includes Whatsapp while its also being tested for Messenger & Facebook itself.

For now Africell joins Vodafone with the SWIFT bundles while we wait for other telecoms to respond with offers of their own.