Africell subscribers air their frustrations online over MTN’s alleged interconnectivity switch off

Image Credit: The Balance

Recently it has been hard to make and receive calls calls from MTN if you’re an Africell subscriber. Many might have thought of it as being  an interconnection disagreement  but alleged reports surfacing online are fronting something different.

These reports go on to say that MTN didn’t play by the rules and on Tuesday switched off connection with their Clement Hill based rivals Africell, for reasons we are yet to fully ascertain.

While we wait on the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to address the concerns, Africell subscribers have taken it to Twitter to air out their frustrations. This owing to the fact that they couldn’t make and receive calls from Big Yellow for a period stretching from Tuesday morning to some time into the evening hours.

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One of the tweets directed to MTN by an Africell customer asking why he couldn’t connect to Africell, MTN responded asking the customer to contact Africell since the issue was on their side.


On the other hand Africell consented that there was a problem from MTN but said that it has been rectified as seen in the tweet below


While fingers have been pointed towards MTN over Africell’s #DontBeCheated campaign and the latters no-charge mobile money offers, we had reached out to MTN over this issue by press time and were are waiting for their response.

Update: According to unofficial sources at MTN, tell this blog that Africell had not paid its interconnection fees in a long time.