Africell data network back online, gives away free data for a limited time

Africell King of Bundles

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[/blockquote]The better part of yesterday saw the King of the bundle’s data network suffer a massive outage as customers cried foul and could not connect to the Africell Uganda’s 3G and 4G data networks. The outage was reportedly caused by two of their service providers disconnecting Africell for unknown technical and commercial reasons.

According to Africell the outage was caused by unforeseen events that were due to third party  Service providers that affected most of Uganda’s internet yesterday. The main and two backup internet routers at Africell got affected and had to be replaced in order to bring back the internet to their users.

Well, today the carrier has announced that they are up and running and are giving out free data to all their subscribers till midday today 6th March 2016, just in case you read this article after this time. Are you enjoying the free data? Leave us a comment below.

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We are back Online! Sorry for any inconvenience. Please enjoy FREE data on our 3G & 4G Networks from now until 12:00pm today (Sunday, March 6)

Posted by Africell Uganda on Saturday, March 5, 2016