Africell and Vodafone dethrone MTN Uganda as carriers with the fastest mobile data network speeds: Open Signal

Open Signal 2016 H1

Around this time last year, MTN was ranked number one as the fastest mobile data network by crowd-sourcing app Open signal. Today, Africell and Vodafone Uganda have taken the spotlight away from Uganda’s telecom giant. Whereas Africell scored overall best download speeds, not only was Vodafone close second, but also scooped the number one upload speed position. In Uganda, when it comes time to choosing mobile internet service, there’s more to put into consideration than just price. Some mobile data networks offer data speeds that are demonstrably faster than others. Other carriers, while perhaps not the fastest, may have better nationwide data coverage.

The data of the findings below was extracted from the last 9 months of coverage data and 6 months of speed test data and was last updated on December 1st 2015. Cell network-mapping app OpenSignal helps us compare speeds and network availability for the most used data carriers in Uganda and around the globe. Africell and Vodafone scored top honors when it came to network speeds overall putting all network technologies into consideration and when it comes to 3G, MTN Uganda comes in second after Africell Uganda.

According to the OpenSignal report, Africell has average download data speeds of 4.21 Mbps. Vodafone comes in close second with average speeds of 4.16 Mbps, MTN Uganda at 3.40 Mbps followed by Airtel in fourth position at 1.62 Mbps and Smart telecom comes in last with 0.62 Mbps download speeds. For those who upload a lot of content, Vodafone Uganda is number one, scoring upload speeds of over 3.45 Mbps followed by Africell at 1.45 Mbps. This means Vodafone is twice as fast when it comes to uploading content online than any other mobile network in Uganda according to the report. strangely, major 4G-LTE carriers like Smile Telecom are nowhere to be seen in these results because no data was captured for this network and just as before, Uganda Telecom (UTL) was also omitted in the rankings due to small sample size of the data collected.

3G data ranking

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Open Signal 2016 H1_3G data


Africell overtakes Airtel in reachability, maintains good reliability

When it comes to reliability, Africell still leads the way overall with 87.93% and Airtel dropped by 2.25% now at 87.20%, this is followed by Smart Telecom at 86.56%, Vodafone comes fourth at 85.00%  and finally MTN Uganda last at 84.90%. Africell greatly improved its ping times from 333 ms previously, to number one with 151 ms. Ping is a utility used to test the reachability of a website on the network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from your device to a destination computer/website and back. Vodafone comes in second with 157 ms .

Over all data ranking

Open Signal 2016 H1_Overall data

Overall, average Uganda’s mobile data speeds have improved by 0.65 Mbps now at 2.65 Mbps with 3G being the most dominating mobile data technology being used. You can view the full report, with carrier-by-carrier data from around the world, by visiting the OpenSignal website. Do you agree with the findings by open signal? Leave us a comment below.