These are the African countries where you can stream Apple Music

Countries in Africa with Apple Music1

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[/blockquote]Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Tidal and YouTubeRed. What do these popular on-demand music streaming services have in common? You will be hard pressed to use or install them on your smartphone when you live or travel to most countries in Africa. To get some of these streaming services to work you might have to use some trickery by changing your DNS, IP address or registering in a different country where these streaming services work before you go to any country in Africa. Apple Music has done something most on-demand music streaming services rarely do, as they are avoiding the “not available in your country” disease that most American based streaming services have and have launched this service in over 14 African countries out of the 101 supported worldwide.

Apple music is also available on Android, and this is expected to increase its subscriber base since most smartphone usage in Africa is on the Android mobile Operating system. Not only have they activated support to these African countries, they have also reduced the monthly subscription from $9.99 to $4.99 after the 3 month free trial in most African countries. Below is a list of the current countries in Africa where you can download and use Apple Music on your device.


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  1. Botswana
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Egypt
  4. Gambia
  5. Ghana
  6. Guinea-Bissau
  7. Kenya
  8. Mauritius
  9. Niger
  10. Nigeria
  11. South Africa
  12. Swaziland
  13. Uganda
  14. Zimbabwe


Featured Image Credit: ecosalon