Adobe Voice, an all-new storytelling app designed for iPad users.

Adobe Voice

Adobe wants to provide more tools for its mobile users and today the company has rolled out Adobe Voice , an all-new storytelling app for iPad users. This app gives users a way to easily create and share animated videos that combine images, music, voice recordings and special effects.

The app is meant be simple to use, and provide people — especially those who may not be able to use traditional video-editing software — with ways to tell stories through video.

Adobe’s vice-president of products for Creative Media Solutions Winston Hendrickson said in a release that

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“Adobe Voice puts the power of Creative Cloud’s industry-leading video and audio technology into the hands of the masses,”

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You start by choosing from a preset story template that helps outline the structure of their video, next you can import your own photos, draw from the app’s library of 25,000 icons or search the web for their own images.

Adobe also included specially created soundtracks, so users can add music to fit the story. Users can also record their own voiceovers.

In terms of userbility, the company said it envisions the app to be particularly useful in schools, where students and teachers may want to create interactive videos, but don’t necessarily have the knowledge or resources to use conventional video software. The free app is available for iPad, we hope they will release an Android version as well.