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With the current craze of internet in Uganda and especially the huge dependency on social media channels to communicate and chat with friends in preference to traditional methods like SMS and MMS. Most Ugandans especially in urban areas with decent 3G and 4G LTE coverage have resorted to using apps like Facebook, Whatsapp , Twitter to stay in touch or as a quick source of online News.

In March 2014, Airtel Uganda introduced a new service that granted their subscribers unlimited power to WhatsApp, Tweet and Facebook for a whole day a data bundle that came to be known as WTF. By January 2015, MTN Uganda also introduced a similar offering which was a clear seal of approval for Airtel’s social media strategy in regards to mobile internet usage and later other carriers like Africell came up with with upgraded version of the same bundle called SWIFT. This bundle added other apps like Instagram, and Snapchat. Below are the prices and how to activate of each offering from the different telecoms.


BundleValidityPrice (UGX)Dial to Activate
Daily WTF24 Hours​ ​ ​250​​*150*6#
​Daily SWIFT24 Hours​ ​ ​​500​*150*6#
Weekly SWIFT7 Days2500*150*6#
​Monthly SWIFT1 Month​5,000​​*150*6#


ValidityAmountData Volume
1 day50 MBS200/-
1 day200MBS500/-

Simply dial *133# to buy a data bundle for your phone


ValidityPrice(UGX)BundleUSSD shortcutsSMS codes
1 Day200Daily_Whatsapp*175*25#W60
1 Day200Daily_Twitter*175*14#T60
1 Day200Daily_Facebook*175*19#F60
1 Day500Social pack*175*7# 
1 Week2000Weekly_WTF*175*18#WKSOC
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