A trip inside my confused Geek brain

Inside Geek brain

Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-left”][/blockquote]I have wanted to write a geek related article for so long. It is not that I have an opinion, it is just that I have opinions about almost everything I see and sometimes I want to say something but then I think better of it because my mama always says “If you have nothing good to say then better keep quiet.” However when you live in the dot-com era like we do, this saying seems to be skipping a generation or dying the way outside gaming activities died with the birth of gaming consoles.

So I am applying the rule of “ if you can’t beat them, join them” and I am going to let the world read my opinions and then when my brain goes quiet, the world will either miss me or sing “Aaaattttt llllaaaaassssssst….” Either way, I will be sure to leave simple few bytes of knowledge in the world with the whole concept of “once online, it can’t be deleted” nonsense though we all know that once quantum computing is an everyday reality, deleting of online data traces might be possible or the apocalypse- the-walking-dead style will come in handy.

Talking about apocalypse, does Hollywood know something we don’t because the number of shows showing the end of civilization are alarming which is why I watched Chappie (yes, that South African based geek robot movie) because the possibility that my consciousness could be transferred to a processing unit seems super cool. That is until I think that the transference means that my soul might be some form of Operating System which kind of makes sense until the Christian in me cries blasphemy and then I start analyzing the movie and I see so many problems with it because I spent all morning analyzing some python code.

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So I start debugging their code in between screen freezing and I realize I am not enjoying the movie anymore so I get out of the online free streaming site that is giving my laptop malware because you see I don’t use Anti-virus software. Why you ask? Well because they are a waste of money and time and I would rather reset my computer to factory setting as soon as I notice some weird activity than install a program that will slow my PC down in the name of protecting me against stuff it can’t even see.

Did I tell you that I am doing research in malware detection? Yeah, I am and menh ohh mehn, I feel like probably how Jon Snow felt when he saw the Knight KIng raise the dead to add to his army…. The hustle is real but is it worth it? But, then you can’t give up because humanity depends on you. “Cool it Anitta!” That is the other part of my brain that keeps me sane. Okay, I exaggerated a little scratch that, I exaggerated a lot there because clearly even if the internet failed, (God forbid ohhh!), Hollywood shows we could survive and the fact that I was a girl guide for all one year of my life means that I can survive in a controlled camp setting. Yeahhh me!!
Okay, so what was the point of this article? I will refer you back to the title and then after over 500 words of you going through my everyday thinking process, you can see why the word ‘confused’ is important in the title and why I need to get back to preparing an academic poster due in a few days after which I am going to watch CSI cyber to laugh at the mistakes and learn from the imagination of Hollywood and then catch a bit of iZombie (Why didn’t some botnet master trademark this name before Hollywood did? Just thinking that was a lost opportunity to throw some props to Steve Jobs by the blackhat community). What was I saying? Uhhhmmm, Ohh yes, I was signing off to go do some constructive work until later when I decide to let you back into this brain. L8s!!!

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Anitta Paesh Namanya
I am a student of IT and have been for the last decade with the ever growing curious mind. I have a love-hate relationship with books and computers have a love-hate relationship with me. I can program in more languages than I can speak and I always say I know a lot about technology and more about TV programming of all USA and UK shows of interest. I am up for any discussion as long as it teaches me something new but don’t be mad if I lose interest quickly because I think I suffer from undiagnosed ADHD. That is my excuse anyway.

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