I know I shall be blocked by some of my friends on social media but let us just be honest, after many years of social media, there are some things we shouldn’t be doing. We are all different and have different backgrounds and are at different stages in life but still that is no excuse.

  1. Nude pics

Yes, you have been endowed with beautiful features, you are told and you know it but no, we don’t want to see you naked. No. leave us with some room for imagination.

  1. Photoshop gone wrong

Oh-oh, someone discovered Photoshop and it is really working for you. Just because the Kenyan lady won herself a trip to China doesn’t mean it will work in your favor as well. I am not against some little humor, I love that. I am talking about guys who “put” on Adidas shoes and get the angle totally wrong all in the name of showing off. Your photo is making rounds my dear.

  1. Kids pictures
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Surprisingly I have no problem with a mum flaunting her beautiful baby on social media. Some argue that you are evading the child’s privacy. Guess I will know when I get to cross that bridge.

  1. Your whole life

You had a great weekend, yes we saw the pictures you posted and the twenty posts of every little tiny detail, even of the moment the red wine spilled on your beautiful white dress. Give us a break. Give us some time to wonder what you are up to. Let us miss you a little. We do not have to know every little detail of your life. Some of the celebs you are trying to be like are actually paid for it.

  1. Love life

You are in love, congratulations you found “the one” and I am very happy for you. Trust me, I shall follow your love life as long as you put it out there. Stop complaining that I am in your business because you made it my business the day you put it out there. I am not saying a little flaunting of your love once in a while is bad but remember there are a lot of genuinely happy couples out there that you don’t know about.

  1. Showing off

Now if you are to show off, show off in a creative way. Say you have travelled, don’t do what everyone does, checking in at the airport or hotel. How about a selfie with some “bazungu” in the background and leave us guessing?

  1. Liking posts

Thank God Facebook now has a variety to choose from, others don’t. Not every post should be liked. I can’t post about a dead aunt and you go liking it, what are you doing?

Yes, you have posted a lovely photo of yourself, now whatever you do, don’t and I repeat don’t press the like button. Yes, even when no one likes it.

  1. Uploading the whole album

You have a new hair cut or you attended a function and dressed up so well. You took so many photos and are not sure of which one to upload? Sort them out. Give us just one. Too many pics of the same thing kills the whole plot.

  1. Achievements

Graduation, that is ok. You’ve bought a car or rented a new apartment? No, leave that to the celebs. Yes, this might be your greatest achievement but a lot of people have been there so please “tewemalamu” (don’t put it all out there).

After all is said and done, there are no rules of how this thing should be done and by the way you don’t have to take this seriously because after all it is social media and we need a little something to make it interesting and come back for more so post away!