8 obnoxious Ugandan characters on social media that make my day

Apart from the camera, the most commonly used apps on my phone are the social media apps. I just love the free gossip, yes that which finds you at your desk without having to sweat for it. I particularly love Monday mornings. I look forward to finding out who attended which event, who got married, whose child had a birthday party, who got engaged, I mean anything even those who had katogo for breakfast. There is a way stuff just falls in place. Like that good movie in the cinema with all the drama, suspense, humor, all in one place.

There is a group Ugandan characters on social media that make my day

  1. The Katala or wanabe

She just makes my day. She posts everything about her life. She’ll put a picture of her perfectly manicured nails and hash tags, broken finger nail. She attends every social media event in town. Through her I get to know who performed where and which party was the blast. She is just everywhere. And then she complains about people being in her business. She forgets she put it all out there for us to see. She even has a fans page.

  1. The perfect couple aka Power Couples
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The perfect couple aka #PowerCouples, Sigh! I just envy them. They practically throw their love in my face. They are actually a good couple. She shows us photos of the flowers that her better half sent over for their anniversary, he bought her a car last week, they are just in love. Not forgetting the endless selfies with her boo. Word has it he is going to pop the question. In my opinion he is kinda late but oh well I just can’t wait for that time. I am their number one fan!

  1. Miss top model

She is just perfect in all the selfies she posts. Her outfits are always nice. The red dress she rocked at the sisters’ wedding was on point and I am so buying it. I just want to be her.

  1. Mr know it all

He always brings up the discussion in posts using those big words and his lawyer terms. Last week, he was talking about the 27 year old singer who married a 64 year old lady. I followed the conversion, quite interesting but no, I did not comment. I am not as clever so I just saved myself the embarrassment. All I do is like his posts to seem like I understand what he means yet most of the times, I have no clue whatsoever.

  1. The quiet one

She is there, watching every post but she just scrolls through and the day goes on but trust me, she is watching. #Me

  1. The comedian

Everyone loves his posts. His sense of humor is on another level. He makes me laugh, the other day I was almost caught by my boss. Don’t dare repeat his posts, you will get 3 likes. There is something about him that makes people like him. I am starting to think it is not just about the posts.

  1. The pessimist

He is so negative. Every bad news that there is, you will hear from him. That character in the movie that screams, “we are all gonna die.” There is usually no good news from this guy. He will go on in details about the dollar problem and how it will affect granny in the village. Dude we all know what is going on. I’ve been thinking about unfollowing him, sorry sebo you leave me no choice.

  1. Babe off topic

She always gets it wrong. She just doesn’t get it. Why would you be posting such stuff on a technology website? That is just her. Always off topic, but that is the beauty of the world.

We are all different and the society we live however obnoxious these guys can be, we have to live with them online. Monday ends and I go through the week and look forward to another Monday! Don’t you just love social media?


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