8 must have Android Widgets: Free and paid

 What is a widget?

 In Android, the word widget is a generic term for a bit of self-contained code that displays a program, or a piece of a program, that is also (usually) a shortcut to a larger application. Techjaja is going to assist you with some of the must have 8 widgets available on the play store not in any particular order.

beautiful widgets

Beautiful Widgets

Description: Beautiful Widgets is a set of good-looking widgets for your Android home screen. For just over $3, Beautiful Widgets provides several attractive, animated widgets in different sizes, including clock widgets, weather widgets, date widgets, and toggle widgets. The widgets are all customizable, and you can pick up free user-made skins from the Beautiful Widgets Skin Market. LevelUp Studios just recently released a free version of Beautiful Widgets, which comes with three widgets (clock, weather, and Wi-Fi toggle) and the ability to download 10 themes.

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Price| $3.50

Evernote Widget

evernote widget

Description: The Evernote Widget lets you go directly to core Evernote features right from your home screen. With 3 widget options: Small, Large and Grid to To create new text, snapshot and audio notes, and jump to the search screen.The story behind this widget:We want every users to have the best Evernote experience possible. Unfortunately, if Evernote is installed on the SD card, then the widgets that comes with the app are unavailable.

Price| Free


twitter widget


Description: Using Twitter, even casually, requires that you be available on the social network during much of the day. You can meet that requirement a little more easily by adding Twitter’s widget to your home screen.

I like the simplicity of Twitter’s widget: You can choose to show new Tweets from your feed, or Tweets that mention you. You can also write a Tweet directly from the widget, without having to open an app. And that’s really all you need.

Price: Free


shazam encore widget

Shazam is a free tool that recognizes songs by “listening” to them through your phone’s microphone. Unfortunately, in order to use Shazam, you have to open the app and tap the button to begin the recognition process. By the time you manage to accomplish this, the song may be over.

Enter the Shazam widget, which puts a Shazam button directly on your home screen. Now, all you have to do is tap it when you hear a song you’re curious about.

Price: Free


flipboard widget

Flipboard widget

Beautiful magazine designed for your Android phone and tablet. Once you pick a few topics, your Flipboard is built and you can instantly start flipping through the pages of news you care about and stories and photos friends are sharing. It will constantly update your news content.Flip through the news from your Twitter timeline as well as from outlets like the BBC, USA Today and The Verge.

Price: Free

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