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For a content creator, traffic is key, so it is always paramount to endure you have as much eye balls looking at your content as possible. Several brands want to be known and the strength of any brand online is its social media following. This means that the more likes your page or article has, the more viral your brand or post will become. Now, let’s explore 7 ways on how to increase your Facebook likes without spending any money on your social media budget.

Add the Facebook widget to your website. This means when people visit your website, they should be able to follow your page from anywhere within your website.


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Build up your fan page. Its not all about getting likes on your page, its also about getting your fan page or your profile page more popular so that way when you share a post you are going to get more likes. So, if you have a personal profile you can connect with other individuals and add them as friends for people who are in your space. If you have a fan page however, you can share other people’s post from their pages and ask them to reciprocate and share content from your page hence boosting your numbers mutually. And this way, if you share future content from your profile you will get more likes.


Simply ask. A simple request to a friend to come like your page won’t hurt. Just ask people to come over and like the page or send it through an introductory email assuming you have a list of relevant emails from a reliable source.  This won’t cost you any money to continue to boost your numbers and likes.


Monitor your competitor’s posts. I would go andplug into my posts and it will show me all the relevant posts from the competition. Supposing they wrote something on Airtel Uganda, I will type in Airtel Uganda key words and it will show me the other posts that did well on the social web including their likes and shares. Seeing who is sharing my competitors content is important, as they are likely to be your target market as well. Just send them a request and ask them to like or follow your page as well.


Create great content. Perhaps this should have been number one on the list, but creating good and interactive content is always a pull factor for both SEO traffic and social media traffic. That way, even if you ask a friend to tweet your content they will do so with pleasure because they know it doesn’t suck.


Focus on Timing. A lot of people like to publish content on weekday, because they know that’s the time most people are in office or online. During the weekends there is less competition for readership of your content so capitalize on that so that the weekend posts can attract more shares and likes to your page.


Promote your content. Using a free tool like buzzom can help you find people who have shared similar content also helps a lot. Building on sykscrapping content out there and promoting it (which goes into creating great content) is great. Reaching out people using direct out reach, or a tool like pitchbox which can help you organize your out reach. Also, we’ve noticed that even if we don’t pay directly for likes and boosting posts for example, we find that one gets more likes from it even if that’s not  their goal.