64 bit for the next wave of Samsung Galaxy devices, CEO

64-bit Galaxy handsets coming, but not in the immediate future

What Apple does Samsung deals and more. That seems to be the trend now days between these two tech giants, while Samsung was able to show off a working  Smart-watch at IFA last week, Apple failed to deliver this week during the iPhone 5s and 5c announcement. They instead opted to include a fingerprint scanner and  a fancy new 64-bit A7 CPU. As we expected in usual Samsung retaliation tradition,  the company CEO JK Shin has told the Korean press that its future handsets will also include 64-bit Number-crunching capabilities.

Speaking to the Korea Times, the Samsung co-CEO confirmed that “our next Smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality,” but added that these devices would not be arriving “in the shortest time.” It’s no secret that mobile chip giant ARM has 64-bit architectures in the pipeline, so it’s possible that a Galaxy S5 might be one of the first Android devices to implement this technology. In the same  interview, Shin acknowledged that Apple was seeking to expand its mobile reach further into China and Japan with the iPhone 5sand 5c, which he acknowledges his own company has not been keen to do, but will put in more effort.