Over 600,000 households in Uganda have pay TV set-top boxes

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[/blockquote]By the third quarter of 2015, it is estimated  that over 600,000 households in Uganda had acquired a pay TV set-top box and are now enjoying the perks that come with digital television with more of the populous expected to migrate to digital platform in the coming months. These 600,000 households do not include those that has acquired the set-top boxes pre digital migration, which means more people had migrated from Analog.

While fair progress has been happening on the subscriber base front, not much has been registered on local content generation, to meet the Uganda communications commission’s (UCC) threshold of 70% a requirement under digital migration . In recent UCC report on local content broadcasted on Ugandan TV stations, out of the 14 local TV stations, UBC , NBS, Bukedde and NTV ranked the¬†highest in delivering local content to Ugandans.

Zuku TV’s General manager Jared Mokobo companies said that the company is engaging local producers for Ugandan content that they can be able to put on the Zuku platform.

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“We are looking to invest what we agree with the group that we are negotiating with to try and improve the various capabilities so that they can produce content that can appeal to the regional market ” Mokobo said.

Digital migration has seen an increase in the number of pay TV service providers there by leading to competitiveness and the need for innovation on the part of the service providers. The race among players is to appeal to the Ugandan market especially the low income earners like Zuku and GoTV are keenly looking at the market segment.