These are the 50 most popular Twitter profiles in Uganda

50 Twitter top profiles in Uganda

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[/blockquote]Whereas Twitter is less popular in Uganda compared to Facebook, those who use this social media platform seem to max it out to reach their preferred audience. Unlike Fabebook, Twitter is not the place where you will put your vacation pictures, it is designed for that quick message to your followers let alone the DMs. In Uganda, different brands, celebrities, politicians and social influencers top the 50 most followed profiles.

Just like the top Facebook Pages Post we made last week, you will find that there are Twitter profiles with more followers than those listed below but never made the cut, so instead of raising your eyebrows about that, we’d rather you invest that time into ensuring your profile is registered as a Ugandan profile and not forgetting other nitty-gritty details of your profile. Case in point, we have celebrities like Jose Chameleon and Bebe Cool with over 37, 000 and 18,000 followers respectively missing out on the list for reasons stated above.

The top 10 profiles are dominated by Media houses including NTV Uganda, Daily Monitor and New Vision. The telcoms come next, led by Airtel and MTN Uganda. The top individual twitter profile is led by Ugandan born American Actor Phil Lewis (we guess most of the followers are Americans- anyway) and when it comes to political figures President Yoweri Museveni and Amama Mbabazi dominate the others. BBC presenter Allan Kasujja and former Sanyu FM presenter and Blue Flamingo head Seanice K are also in the top 20. Check out the list below to find out the most popular Twitter profiles in Uganda.

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