5 Ways to Make Your Sluggish Android Phone Run Faster


Majority of Ugandan smartphone users are on the Android bandwagon. Am sure you all agree with me that three or so months down the road that phone no longer runs as fast it did when it was shiny and new. It’s an issue with the Android core OS that Google tried to fix with the Trim feature in Android version 4.3. Not every one runs the latest and greatest version of Android. In fact most of the phones we have are low speced, even apps like WhatsApp could be a pain to use on them. Unlike Apple’s iOS one iPhone strategy,  Android was developed for many devices that do not share a standard hardware specification. Different phone makers will make different phones and on top add-on their own software, which is basically a phone slow down disaster waiting to happen. So how can you ensure your phone is always as snappy as it used to be when it was new? Here are some simple tips.

1. Delete or Disable unwanted apps and data

It’s never too late for a little ‘house’ cleaning. Have you considered getting rid of those apps on your Android-powered device that rarely see the light of day anymore? It’s really easy to get rid of those apps you don’t want and all it takes is a few taps. Too many apps on your phone will slow it down, and a low internal memory might be the reason behind any severe lag that your phone is experiencing.

  • If you must keep the app, try to move your media (pictures, mp3 files, videos, and so forth) to the external memory, usually an SD card.
  • Some low-end and mid-range smartphones that most of us have might already have low internal memory, in which case, moving your files to the SD card won’t help that much.
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The annoying bit is a scenario where the apps you want the most, being the culprits that you may have to uninstall to free up more space and RAM. Tough choices have to be made. Also check that chat apps like WhatApp, Viber or Messenger are free from duplicated media files.


2. Update your smartphone firmware

Always check for updates, as these firmwares may fix some lags, bug, and other issues that are hidden from you. Such issues crop up with reasonable frequency, so updating regularly will ensure the best performance for your phone. Note that it’s not a guarantee that updates equal to faster phone. Make sure you running Android 4.3 and above. The latest Android versions are optimized to run well on low-end devices.

3. Hard reset your phone

This is always a hard step to take, but trust me it can do wonders, resetting your phone erases everything and brings your phone back to its original, “as new” condition. Please note that this is a temporary solution, because as you use your phone again, it will lag as it used to do. And this is because you will be tempted to install back the same apps you had before. Before you think of resetting, back up your contacts, memos, and any important information (such as saved passwords in browser) before making this decision.


4. Disable Background Sync and High-Speed Data

You don’t need to be syncing apps and phone information all the time, plus also high-speed data connectivity will also make a device comparatively slow and drain its juice. If your phone doesn’t have it, you could install power control widgets on your homescreen and control the high-speed internet.

It’s always good to use these features only when you require them and when the work’s done, switch the off them. This trick will not only make your device faster but also help your battery to last longer.

5. Remove Screen Animation and Live Wallpaper

We all love to see icons bounce around on our screens, plus a lively wallpaper. Okay here is the hard truth, if your phone isn’t high-end, please deactivate these options.  If you are looking for a superior performance, you should disable all the Live wallpapers ( especially if at all you are using them) and the screen animation that gives fading effect to your menus and unlock animation. Selecting common image wallpapers over a live wallpaper is easy. To remove the screen animation, users running Android 4.2 and below should navigate to Developer options in the settings while other users should disable it from Display—>Animations.

So there you have it, if you have other tips to share, you can hit our comments section below and share that tweak you used to speed up your Android phone.