5 Smartphone security tips every Ugandan should know

5 Smartphone Security Tips

It’s no secret that we all use our phones more than we did five years ago from the ring ring… to only texting and making calls. Smartphones today have gone multimedia gaga, and are now literary our desktop computer, So how can you protect our smartphones from malware, preying eyes, insecure spouses? Today, we have come up with 5 smartphone security tips on how to achieve some level of security for your chamber of secrets (read smart phone).

Install a Security app

Try to install a security app on your phone, this could be a life saver since these apps check other apps that you have on your phone together with other downloaded contents from the internet for unlikely threats. Companies like Sophos can help you to figure out which protection app can suit your needs.

Top 5 Android Security apps

  1. Avast Mobile Security
  2. Kasperskey Internet Security for Android.
  3. Bitdefender Mobile Security.
  4. AVG Antivirus Security.
  5. McAfee Mobile Security for Android.
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Top 5 IOS Security apps

  1. Lookout Mobile Security.
  2. Intego Virus Barrier
  3. Find My iPhone
  4. 1Password Pro
  5. McAfee Wave Secure iOS Edition.

Top 5 Blackberry Security apps

  1. Blackberry Protect.
  2. Lookout mobile Security.
  3. WaveSecure for Blackberry.
  4. App Lock.
  5. smrtGuard Mobile Security.

Screen Lock your Phone

If you leave your phone unattended to for a longtime or worse still, if it has been stolen you don’t want the “new owner” to rifle through those sexy pictures (hello… Desire Luzinda) that you took during your trek to HAPPYLAND. A great remedy would be to set up your beloved chamber of secrets to prompt for a pin or password authentication when it has been left inactive like they say charity begins at home this is the best way to limit unauthorized access to your device.

Update your phone OS Regularly

Operating systems and app updates/upgrades include just more than shiny new features but also security bug fixes which may help to solve security vulnerabilities and fix loop holes in the phone operating system. So making an effort to update/upgrade your phone OS lets you enjoy the latest apps while staying safe.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

Very many people often leave their Bluetooth in discovery mode or sometimes it’s enabled by default, but my humble advice is you should always disable your Bluetooth when not pairing with any device. Whenever the Bluetooth is turned on the existence of your device is continuously advertised to any random nearby stranger Bluetooth enabled devices. I think the government should make this punishable by law for all people who leave their Bluetooth in discovery mode. If you still do it consider yourself a walking dead.

Don’t Auto Connect to WIFI

Who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi hotspots?? You might even choose a spot where you get your coffee in the morning basing on the speed of their Wi-Fi connectivity. But connecting to a Wi-Fi network you don’t know exposes you chamber of secrets to a lot of risks one vital one being access to your credentials like passwords all surrendered on a silver plate to the person controlling the hotspot as he is able to have a quick snoop through your internet activity.

We hope you found great value with these new tips and hope you stay, safe and smart on your smartphone.

About the Author
Name:  Victor Tinka
About: Exploring Computer Vulnerabilities is my passion but I always find my hands dirty with code. The only “IT guy” in the family which makes me feel like the family head *:) happy