After a long period of Microsoft teasing and testing their upcoming version of Window 10, we finally get to try out and see what this latest Windows 10 Creators Update is all about. The new version of Windows 10 is currently rolling out on different PCs and yours could be waiting in line or if now the update is pending your approval on your PC. While the previous Anniversary Update included more significant features, the Creators Update includes very small additions so don’t expect drastic User Interface (UI) changes. After several weeks of trying out Windows 10’s Creators Update, and these are my 5 favorite new features coming to Windows.

Paint 3D

Having an an Artistic background (well sort of), I am glad to see that Microsoft has finally updated its nostalgic paint app and now called Paint 3D. Microsoft’s Creators Update for Windows 10 is designed with 3D in mind. Don’t expect many creative features in the OS update generally. Paint 3D is a 3D version of Microsoft’s built-in Paint app, and it’s totally rebuilt and modern. You can build 3D objects in Paint 3D or import ones created by community members from Remix 3D.

For those with PC with touchscreens will notice that it is very touch-friendly than the regular Paint app, and you can use a stylus or fingers to annotate and create objects. This can later be shared to the Remix 3D site.


Windows 10 Picture in Picture
Picture in Picture demo
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For those who like to watch movies at work and at the same time working, Microsoft is adding picture-in-picture support just for you. It will also be supported on all its Universal Windows Apps. The built-in Movies & TV app allows you to watch a film or TV show and pop the window out so it’s always on top. For iOS and Android users shouldn’t fret cause this nothing you have not seen before. We hope third developers will take advantage of this feature.

Dynamic Lock

You can pair Bluetooth devices like a phone or wearable, and Windows 10 will sense once the Bluetooth connection is too far away and lock the PC. In other words This is a new Windows 10 feature that’s works like Windows Hello but instead of unlocking the PC, it will lock it. So if you always tend to forget and leave your laptop unlocked while away from it. This would come in handy.

Updates control improved

With the tight budgets for data bundles, for internet users, Microsoft has helped and made small changes Windows 10 Creators Update, The new fix puts powers in the users hands especially for those wishing to better control updates. Now you can now pause updates for a week till you get another data bundle for instance, or configure active hours in Windows 10 for up to 18 hours a day. Also those who had  complaints about Windows 10 automatically rebooting machines for updates, this should fix that problem.

Microsoft Edge browser slowly getting better

Windows 10 _Tab set aside in browser
Set tabs aside in Microsoft Edge.his

For the few who use Microsoft’s Edge browser, you will be happy to know that the company has spent some time tweaking its Edge browser with the Creators Update. A new feature lets you set tabs aside and save them for use later on. It’s essentially a method to save a snapshot of your current browser window. This if for those who rely on many tabs to get work done.

Microsoft has another major update planned for later this year, which should include a lot of notable new features and design improvements. Have you updated to the latest Windows 10 creator’s Edition? Leave us a comment about your experience below.