Computer geeks or nerds whatever you might prefer to call them, are one of the most awesome living creatures that you will ever find today, although most of the time they are single and often occupying themselves with conferences and funny projects just to distract their mind from thinking that they are alone or lonely may be both.

Actually if you ever date one be sure to be with a crazy smart guy, problem solver, rich, if you are lucky enough you might get a chance to play around with the latest smartphone apps even the latest gadgets.

Enough said much as he may be awesome and willing to give you his time or may be go to “Butambala” to visit the ssenga he is already doing way too much just to keep you happy may be also allow himself see the world for what it is apart from his Computer.

But he just doesn’t like the idea of wedding reception actually if I can quote a friend of mine (couple to be) when asked about the whole wedding thing he was like “I just wish we go to church and grab Dinner with a few buddies”.

We came with a few reasons as to why the computer guy just doesn’t like the idea of the reception;

1Weddings in Uganda are overrated

We all know how this goes down around here yet in actual sense what matters is that one word that makes all the secret admires give up just like how Pastors tell us to surrender everything to the Almighty.

2He may be suffering from social phobia

Probably he doesn’t have much friends or the number of people he has talked to in his entire life doesn’t come close to half of your friends, you know how ladies can have sisters from all parts of Uganda.

3 He just doesn’t get it

Well I guess the Bible makes it very clear Marriage is between a man and woman no third-party software or add-ons (guess you get me here). Poor guy is asking himself why he would hang out with a bunch of people yet he would rather spend this time with his latest acquisition. Well he takes time with family seriously.

4He is Shy

Computer guys are shy although we can say that they are pretty straight forward and not scared to tell you off. Much as he will pretend on the wedding day just know he has his timer set waiting for the time every one will find their exits.

5He doesn’t value Gifts

Please don’t kill me here but your wall clock wont amuse this guy, chances are high that he is going to upload it on OLX the next time he connects his Mi-fi.

If your gift is to be genuinely accepted why not come with that latest Mac…..


Before you bring up that “put a ring on it song” make sure you think about the above points they might save the day.