5 reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to the iPhone 6s yet!

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus_3d touch

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Apple fanboys, a cult of sorts will outright disagree with the above statement. To them, everything Apple is the new cool, the new normal. They talk, breath and rock Apple. Now that the iPhone 6s has been announced while some people its a no brainer to upgrade, others have to think twice before pulling the plug. But, to some on the other side, the spec sheet makes the most noise, customization is a thing they adore and cost is something they cherish, in high regard I should add (Blame the dollar effect). So why the rush? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t upgrade to the iPhone 6s at least for now.

1.The iPhone 5, 5S and 6 work just fine.

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I haven’t seen anyone daring to raise a hand objecting to this! It’s simple, the aforementioned phones are as fluid, crisp and now cheap.

2.It is really expensive, like seriously!

The iPhone 6s is an expensive piece to own. An equivalent of UGX 2 million or more has to go down before one becomes a proud owner. If I am to do the maths for you, average Ugandan incomes don’t look at the iPhone as a savior but instead as a luxury, for the upper echelons of society. They seem to adore it but can’t own one.

Why buy a Lamborghini yet a “kikumi” (read as Toyota) works fine on Ugandan roads?

3.If I may ask, what’s new?

12MP rear camera with a 5MP cousin (Now capable of 4K recording), Force touch but excuse my French, I heard Apple calling it 3D Touch, iOS 9, a faster A9 processor  and Ooh, wait a minute you can now get it in Pink-Gold colors!

Meanwhile Android users be like, that sounds nostalgic??! We’ve seen that sh*t before!

4.What about the battery & RAM?

If I may borrow Acehood’s lyrics; Same old sh*t, just a different day. So Let’s move on.

5. The same old design language

I seem not be able to differentiate between the iPhone 6 & 6S. The only difference is the ‘S’ insignia at the back of the 6S, everything else looks the same. Except the rose gold model.

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