5 reasons why you should buy the iPod Touch 6th Gen

5 reasons to buy iPod Touch 6th generation

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In a rather unexpected move, Apple revamped its iPod line of devices with a refreshed iPod Touch 6th generation media player. Most people would ask themselves why they would need to buy a dedicated music and video player if they already have a smartphone that does the exact something. So, let’s give you 5 good reasons why you should buy the iPod Touch 6th Gen.


#You need to upgrade from an old iPod or Mp3 Player

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For those who still use an iPod or a media player, its time to upgrade. As you would expect from the latest iPod, it is better than all of its predecessors, with better specs you can count on a much smoother and fluid experience. You can expect things like apps being more responsive, better loading times when it comes to gaming and you can even take that rear camera more seriously now that it’s rocking 8 Megapixels.


#Makes a great gift

No body is going to scoff at a gift like the new iPod touch. With its starting at $199 (UGX 640k), its pretty inexpensive for a shinny new Apple product and for what it does. But, I personally think the 32GB model has the best value. This is essentially the iPhone for the low low, and everyone likes an iPhone. Right? Android fans, don’t answer.

#Great dedicated media player

If you’ve ever gotten those messages about your phone running low on storage, you know just how annoying they are. With the new iPod Touch, you can have a dedicated spot for your songs movies and some of those large apps and games you don’t want cluttering your phone. And, for those in countries where streaming services are a thing right now, the problem with them is that you might not always find all your favorite songs or movies. The iPod Touch is a great place to put all your media without sacrificing the valuable storage on your phone which can better be used for storing the millions of selfies you will need for Instagram.


#Perfect for Teens or Kids

An iPod Touch is perfect for teenagers (secondary or high school students) even kids. If you have so far failed to convince your parents to get you a smartphone, an iPod Touch is your second best option. You will be able to browse the web, use all social media apps, use iMessage and pretty much do everything an iPhone can without mobile data the whole phone part. Don’t for get you can also do Skype, Viber or WhatsApp calls and chat. But its not that you guys talk much on the phone anyway.


#Android users get iOS without iPhone

Yes, I know some of you will get to eat my eyes out for this, but its a fact. iOS is smooth and great to use, even as an Android fan I always love my experience with the iPhone. So with the iPod Touch, Android users get to use iOS without actually committing to the iPhone.  This way, you would be able to access those iOS exclusive apps and games which id a pretty big deal. But now that the app gap between iOS and Android keeps shrinking day-by-day, you may not need iOS that much. Plenty of us Android users never question our faith when it comes to which OS we prefer to use, but that not a choice for everyone, so for those who do this a pretty go way to touch the waters.