The 5 new features we anticipate on the iPhone 7

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[/blockquote]Apple is known to introduce a new flagship phone every September of each year with design revisions and an improved ‘S’ version the successive year. Forget the ‘S’ year since it’s current flagships carry the S moniker, that is the iPhone 6S and  it’s real estate cousin the iPhone 6S Plus. So what about the September of 2016? We anticipate an iPhone going by the iPhone 7 name if we’re to go with Apple’s nomenclature track record. Today we bring you the five burning new features we expect in the new iPhone 7;


1.No headphone jack

Apple is said to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of its proprietary lightning connector that we first saw with the iPhone 5. This is to allow more room inside the iPhone and  create more space for more battery juice nevertheless slim down the next iPhone iteration.

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With improved Bluetooth headphones and speakers on market, it comes as no surprise. They’ve done it before with the transition from the 30-pin connector to the lightning standard and they do it again. Folks shall adapt.


2.Wireless charging

Now that the iPhone 7 is left with only one port that doubles as the headphone jack, what’s left for charging the new iPhone incase you’re using headphones? Hmm, a wireless charger seems a viable solution. Therefore we anticipate Apple to incorporate wireless charging in the new iPhone 7.


3.Water proofing

A dust and water resistant iPhone sounds pretty nice since Ingression Protection technologies are readily available to address this. At least a section of Sony’s Xperia range of smartphones are best known for such features and Apple joining the game only makes it better.


4.Duo Camera setup

HTC tried this out with the One M8 but results were meh. It didn’t live up to many people’s expectations but Apple doing it’s magic and giving it an upper hand can take it mainstream.

This is said to increase the iPhone’s photography and give it DSLR like image quality.


5. No more home button

Pressure sensitive screens (Apple prefers to call it Force Touch) is one tweak to the iPhone lineage introduced by the iPhone 6S &  the 6S Plus. And there is more that they can do than what they’re currently doing, so rumor has it that Apple might incorporate a fingerprint reader into them which might see us say goodbye to the Touch ID home buttons.