Written By: Maina Ndugo

The typical day of an entrepreneur comes with its share of challenges. Slow traffic, difficulty in reaching out to new customers and inadequate capital are just a tip of the iceberg. In short, most startups’ directors endure overwhelming schedules while in pursuit of maximizing returns on their capital.

Fortunately, Google’s Android operating system has significantly made life easier. A typical Android smartphone has default applications which enable business directors use their time more effectively. Google Maps, for instance has made order deliveries convenient because truck drivers can rely on Google’s highly accurate maps, to guide them right to a customer’s doorstep. Default social media apps pre-installed in the smartphone are great tools for effectively promoting one’s brand online.

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The Google Play Store has amazing Android virtual assistant applications which are beneficial to entrepreneurs. Here are 5 highly rated personal assistant apps that will take off the stress off your back.

1. Indigo

Indigo, a Canadian based online book and music store launched this app in 2013. It has a vibrant user interface that implements easy access to basic features such as voice activated calls. You can count on Indigo to translate Chinese to English. Quite handy, because it eliminates language barriers whenever you’re on a business expedition in China.

Indigo will regularly back up your contacts, appointments and calendars online to your personal cloud and email accounts. This feature is great because you can easily update your growing customer database. Users can also update their Facebook and Twitter statuses by speaking rather than typing. How cool is that?

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2. Dragon Mobile Assistant
Nuance Communications launched their virtual assistant app for Android users in 2012. The app has continuously improved in terms of stability and increasing features since its debut. A user can activate Dragon via voice command even when their phone’s screen is off and locked. This means you can focus on driving while Dragon searches and downloads maps to your destination.
Dragon enables its users to dictate and send emails on-the-go. When you’re stuck in traffic, you can redeem the time spent through sending your email sales copies or response to customers’ queries via speech. The location sharing feature is ideal for fast food and restaurant owners because it pin points their exact location in the city or town. Hence, new customers can easily locate the advertised delicacies.
3. Cortana
Microsoft initially launched Cortana as a virtual assistant for Windows 10 users. Cortana made its PlayStore debut in 2015 and has garnered thousands of positive reviews globally. Users can operate its intelligent search engine features to receive results that match individual tastes and current geographical location. Sellers can also track packages en route to clients’ destinations using Cortana.
Users can synchronize Cortana with their personal computers or tablets. It’s a huge plus because you will stay updated on recent developments in the office, while you’re miles away from home on a business trip.

4. Google Now
Google launched their virtual assistant Smartphone app in 2012 with an aim of neutralizing Siri’s immensely growing popularity. Google Now has a feature that enables users to search for items and places online through activating the smartphone’s camera. Online entrepreneurs can schedule website updates e.g. posting new articles, podcasts and videos, through voice command.
This virtual assistant app also provides accurate foreign exchange conversions for multiple currencies. Its Android user face closely resembles the Windows 10 simplistic interface.

5. AIVC (Alice)
AIVC stands for Artificial Intelligence Voice Control. AVIC was among the pioneer personal assistant apps and still ranks among the best, thanks to its user friendly features. Unlike other Android personal assistants that offer users a limited list of voice commands, you can create your own voice commands using AIVC. Creating additional voice commands will enable you delegate low priority tasks to AIVC while you focus on product development and effective marketing campaigns.
Stock market investors can get information on local, regional and international financial securities by simply asking Alice. Users can also remotely control devices installed with AVIC.

Final thoughts
For best user experience, you require KitKat or recent Android OS versions on your smartphone or tablet. Download your preferred virtual assistant apps today for free on the Play Store.