4k likes and counting: We thank you

Its less than 6 months since we launched the techjaja website, a tech based blog based in Uganda and I wanted to take a moment to thank our readers who have been able to endure all our stories, typos, controversial stories not forgetting all our iterative blog commenters.

I have been out and about a bit more than usual, and everywhere I go I meet people who are dedicated readers of techjaja. These are the ones that have made us strong and encouraged us to write and preach tech this side of the Sahara. Today we celebrate a milestone of 4000 Facebook likes that you our readers have shown that you want us to stay and so shall we. I wanted to thank you for taking time to make us a part of our day and to thank you  for liking us for what we do.

That appreciation is the currency of our tech bloggers.  We don’t get paid.  No one gives us grants.  We are not financed by other websites to appear like a local blog interested in local tech issues.  We just share
ideas and news or issues that interest us and hope they are of interest to you as well.  When you share what we do, or thank us for the effort, that is like fuel additive for our engine.

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Keep the reading and keep the likes coming and you can follow us on Twitter @techjaja, on Google Plus +techjaja and you can subscribe to our Youtube channel TechjajaTV. Check out our other social media channels below.