488 new iPads worth UGX 1.9 billion for MPs arrive

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With each new August house, new iPads are expected, last week Parliament has shipped in 488 new iPads for the MPs worth a whopping UGX 1.9 billion of tax payers money. According to the Daily Monitor, this news contradicts, what was reported last month that the legislators were to wait until next year to get the Apple slabs. But new reports indicate that the new iPads already arrived and are currently being tagged (labeled), configured and will later be handed over to the respective MPs when ready.

Parliament’s director communication and public affairs Chris Obore speaking to the Monitor confirmed that, “Yes, we have bought them. They are the property of Parliament and meant to facilitate MPs do their work,”
The initiative for the Uganda’s Parliament to be more paperless was kicked off in in 2013, when the Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, introduced the procurement of iPads with the aim of cutting the House’s expenditure on stationary, whether this target has been fulfilled is yet to be seen.