4 ways to recharge your Vodafone Uganda airtime and data bundles

Vodafone recharge Airtime

With several ways to load airtime for voice or data usage, people always get confused when trying to recharge their mobile internet devices especially with new players like Vodafone Uganda. Using Payway services, recharge vouchers and mobile money are some of the ways Vodafone has crafted to ease the recharge process for its subscribers. Today, we bring you 4 ways to help you recharge your Vodafone Uganda airtime and data bundles with ease.

MTN Mobile Money

mobile moneyPerhaps this is the most baffling method to recharge your Vodafone credit. It’s rare to find a competition using another’s services to carry out business. There is no doubt that MTN Uganda has a vast mobile money clientele in Uganda and Vodafone is not shy to endorse this by allowing its subscribers juice up their devices using this option.

All you need to do is go to the MTN Mobile Money menu on your phone and select the “Pay Bill” option, now select “Pay Goods and Services” Enter code: VODAFONE. Next enter the recharge amount say 100,000 and press “OK”. After, enter your 9 digit Vodafone Account Number as the reference number and press “OK”. At this point you will be requested to enter your 5 digit MTN Mobile Money PIN, press “OK” and you would have now completed the transaction. Vodafone will send you an email you registered with them to confirm the transaction and airtime value credited.

Payway services

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payway machineThis is kind of self-explanatory. ThePayway vending machine will give you a simple UI to load your Vodafone credit, in fact you can use this option to load airtime for all telecom companies in Uganda. You will find this under the Airtime option and follow the prompts. You can also use a Payway Point of sale (PoS) machine at a Payway agent all you need to tell them is your Vodafone number and the amount you want to recharge.


Loading a data bundle online

MyVodafone portal

When you buy a Vodafone line, the company will automatically create a profile for you on the MyVodafone  portal. Now this is genius, you can get to control  all your transactions from here, you convert airtime into a data bundle. This means you will need to load the airtime from may be a Vodafone shop and the rest you can do yourself at your own convenience.

Go to Products and Services, you will find the Airtime you loaded, Next go to select bundle and you can move your desired  “Available bundles” at the bottom of the page into the “Selected Bundle” box, Apply changes and you are done.

Recharge vouchers

You can purchase a recharge voucher from any of the 75  Vodafone Uganda stores or retailers and visit later you can visit the “MyVodafone portal”  described above to load your airtime.


Image Credit: Vodafone Uganda, & UGO