4 reasons why you should maxout and choose GoTV Max

Image Credit: EuroSport

GoTV Max launched a couple of weeks ago and as always, everyone was asking what is new with this bouquet and why on earth would they choose it over what is seemingly an already good deal from GoTV. And let us not forget price so at how much? Well, we answered most of that when it launched but today we are here to discuss its value proposition.

It is the new home of Fox Entertainment

Fox has long been an omission on GoTV but it is now here. Here you will enjoy famed TV shows like Empire, 24 Legacy, Prison Break among others as well as great movies and non-stop entertainment 24/7. Don’t miss out on the action, you should watch one of these.

SuperSport Select 4

This is the new home of the La Liga. You will be able to catch all the live Spanish matches here and it won’t stop at that, you will also be able to catch select English Premier league matches, WWE wrestling and for us rugby fanatics, the Rugby 7’s will be accommodated here as well as other sporting activities across the world.

Sony Max! Someone say 1000 ways to die

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Sony Max! The prodigal son we should say, is also here. Other great entertainment aside from 1000 Ways to Die include a little bit of nostalgia in Fear Factor, the Boondocks is also home to this channel among others. You should check it out. It is good for entertainment, fun and more.

And others

CBS Reality is here and a host of other Sports, Faith, Entertainment and local channels. Overall GoTV Max has over 45 channels at your disposal for a monthly subscription just UGX 49,000 at any selected GoTV stand or shop.

The good news is, these channels can be enjoyed by GoTV subscribers for free till 31st October so enjoy while it lasts.