4 reasons why I gave up on body shaping exercises!

4 reasons why I gave up on body shaping exercises

Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-left”]
[/blockquote]A friend gave me a workout plan that guaranteed me a flat tummy and a “Kim K” body (figure 8) in a period of 30 days. Each day had different exercises lined up and there was a picture of a lady whose body I’d have by the end of the month. I was very excited since I was going to be “sexy” within such a short period. I drew pictures in my head, me walking, flaunting my body and everyone looking on in envy! Oh, the dreams I had. Two days into my workouts, on top of all the body aches, I read a story of a lady whose butt implants had burst during squats workout in a gym. Although the story turned out to be a hoax, I was left to a lot of thinking. I realized that;

  1. Not all we see glitter out there is gold. Many things I see there are not real. People go through a lot, to make us think they have it all. How sure was I that the lady, in the picture had the body I thought she had? How sure was I that after 30 tiring days I will look like her?
  2. Trends change. The “Kim k” body that is trending today will not be the body that is trending tomorrow. Before, we saw the very skinny girls as “beautiful”. Before that, there was another kind. What would happen if the flat butt is what is trending next? Would it mean surgery? It would become a tiring process trying to keep up!
  3. You can buy these things. Yes you can. All these parts are in shops, for sell. If tomorrow I feel I need a certain part of my body to be bigger, I can go purchase. And rock the day.
  4. Who determines what’s on and what isn’t anyway? I also don’t know, but I decided, enough is enough. I shall do exercise to keep fit. Get my heart pumping fast, okay, even the flat tummy, but anything else, no way! I’ll love my body the way it is. Put the right clothes on to flatter it, and flaunt what I have.

You might say, I was lazy, those are just excuses, well, you might be right but that is how I gave up on the workout plan and I’m yet to check on my friend to see if it worked for her!

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