3GB additional Skydrive storage is given to students for one year by Microsoft

Hoping this new incentive will lure more students at University and colleges in Africa around the world to switch to cloud storage, Microsoft is doing something different with Skydrive this time round. They are gifting students an extra 3GB of free space for one year on top of the 7GB that comes by default. This means students are assured of 10GB free storage space once they follow the instructions.If you have a

valid .edu email address you can visit the URL below to receive a free storage code. The offer is limited to one per person and the code must be redeemed before December 31st 2013. We are still not sure of what becomes of  your data after the year’s over but it presumably remains available in read-only form. Considering the price of tuition, this deal isn’t quite as juicy as getting 100GB of free space for two years on Google Drive with the purchase of a Chromebook — still it’s a no brainer.

SOURCE: Microsoft