3G Devices To Facilitate The Digital Evolution In Uganda: MTN CEO Brian Gouldie

MTN CEO Brian Gouldie Presenting today at Serena Hotel

MTN CEO Brian Gouldie Presenting today at Serena Hotel

Today the new MTN CEO Brian Gouldie hosted a breakfast engagement meeting at Serena Hotel with the media and valued partners. He presented the company’s leadership vision going forward. As part of the MTN founding in 1994, Brian noted that from his experience the company will be more successful if they work together, and not independently of other brands. Today MTN Uganda, is growing at 6% he said  and the growth of GDP depends a lot on growth in usage of Data.

The CEO said;

“We have been giving free data to our customers since the start of the “Internet is a human right” campaign. The more the competition, the more investment in infrastructure. Sustainable competition is key. We shall invest more money in 2015 than we did in 2014 to realise the digital evolution. We don’t only invest in Kampala.We are investing in the whole of Uganda.”

MTN will also start investing more in 3G devices, to take the digital evolution to customers and to their device partners like Samsung. As part of the company strategy going forward MTN will invest in more 3G devices to facilitate the digital evolution in Uganda. He also noted that financial inclusion, telecom inclusion and digital inclusion will see Uganda achieving the digital evolution much quicker. At this point he paid tribute to the people who began MobileMoney in 2008. Its a big product that will play a key role in the digital evolution. The CEO praised e-commerce services like @HelloFood_UG for the good services. And from his own recent experience with them he was able to order food online and in 25 minutes, it was delivered.

At the end of his presentation the MTN CEO said that

“all of us have a responsibility to drive the digital evolution to benefit the people of Uganda look forward to working with you all.”

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