USSD codes for Airtel Uganda
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For quite sometime now, the communications regulator UCC has been trying to standardize most USSD short codes that are used to access different services by mobile phone users from loading airtime, contacting customer care, doing mobile transactions or loading data. In fact, the regulator at some point fined one of the big telecos as they had failed to comply with the regulatory authority. What is USSD?

 USSD is an acronym that standard for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a cellular network communication technology that is used to send text between a mobile phone and a specific application program in the network. Well, we have already talked about the different applications that are using USSD above. You can think of USSD like SMS but the major difference here is that USSD gateways maintain a single interactive session once the connection is established unlike SMS where connection is always there 24/7.

Trying to memorize all the USSD codes can be a challenge and today we give you 32 USSD short-codes used by Airtel.

Service NameTo access dial
Customer care toll free helpline*100#
Airtel Money helpline*185#
Data helpline*175#
Voice bundles e.g. Pakalast*149#
Data bundles e.g. WTF*175#
SMS Bundles*180#
All products and services*100#
Balance check*131#
Airtel money*185#
Airtel zone*135#
International calling bundles*146#
Corporate mega bonus*188#
Hello tunes*157#
Beerako advanced credit*155#
Data Beerako*143#
Loyalty program*141#
Check simcard registration status*197#
Airtel Football*154#
Airtel games club*172#
Check bonus minutes*170#
DND to stop SMS notifications*196#
Postpaid usage*144#
know your number*120#
Voice mail service*121#
Missed call alert*100*11*7#
One and only service*100*11*2#
Call me back*100*11*3*2#
Loading airtime*130*voucher number#
One network airtime loading138*airtime pin
Balance share / Me2u*166*amount*number to receive#
Load badly scratched airtime card*100*11*6* enter 7 digit visible pin number you scratched
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